Electronic controllers for bakery and pastry

Touch screen rotor oven controller

ROC-TP2 is a touch screen electronic controller for rotary ovens normally employed in pastry shops or bakeries.
A number of 99 baking programs can be stored and recalled by the user. Each program is associated to a product image useful to quickly select the correct baking process.
A baking program starts with pre-heating followed by  5  process phases. In each phase can be specified baking Temp, baking Time, the damper closing and opening time,  steam injection modality  and the ventilator speed.   
A baking program can start automatically at the set time according to a weekly scheduler. 
A simplified baking cycle under the control of the operator can be activated manually.
The controller has on board the Internet connection for the device remote control through a PC, tablet or smartphone.
ROC-TP  has on board also a USB communication port for data back-up and restore (programs, parameters) and for exporting statistic data like baking cycles, switch-on time of main components, alarms. 
The user’s interface is  a  7”  to enhance usability. Each piece of information is clear and commands are given with a simple touch of the screen.  
ROC-TP is made of 2 parts: the touch screen which can be mounted on the oven’s shoulder and the actuator board to be mounted inside the electric board.

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