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  • GSMT 03
  • GSMT 03

GSM Gateway for lift alarms

GSMT-03 is a GSM gateway.
It allows the connection of any telephone alarm device to the GSM network.
It transfers the information normally sent via the PSTN landline to the GSM mobile network, thus allowing to avoid the PSTN telephone line usage.
GSMT-03 is a universal device: it can be used in conjunction with VODAECO  autodialers and with any other manufacturer emergency telephone.
It represents an economic solution to eliminate the costs associated with the fixed telephone line.
Two models available:  without battery and with internal battery and adapter for charging.

GSMT-03 Applications
The GSMT-03 can be used for reliable GSM transmissions, such as:
• GSM gateway for security devices
• Remote control for industrial machines or elevators
• Watch-dog for industrial machines

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