Controllers for perfect mixes


Spiral mixer XSMC

FSMC is an electronic controller for spiral flour mixers.
FSMC monitors the spiral speed, the bowl rotation, the rotation time and the dough Temp.
90 are the programs that can be kept in memory and to each program are associated 3 work phases:
Phase 1: bowl rotation clockwise and slow speed spiral rotation
Phase 2: bowl rotation anticlockwise and slow speed spiral rotation
Phase 3: bowl rotation anticlockwise and high speed spiral rotation
Each phase can be activated manually.
Two keys are available  for manually rotating the bowl  clockwise or anticlockwise to ease the dough extraction.
User’s interface is made of 4 displays with 3 digits of 13 mm to visualize the timers and the ongoing program.
One 4 digit display is present to visualize Temp, alarms and spiral speed in case an inverter is installed.
Functional keys are 12 to  ease the use of the controller.
The interface panel is in polycarbonate supported by an aluminium plate.
Interface panel graphics and dimensions can be personalized according to customer’s requirements.

Models on request:
ESMC:  Extractable bowl mixer controller
TSMC:  Capsizing bowl mixer controller

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