Climatic cabinets

Controls for provers, retarder proofers, blast chilling

Retarder prover controller

RPC-TP2  is a touch screen  electronic controller for cabinets  and for retarder provers   generally employed in bakeries and pastry shops.
Twenty programs can be stored specifying a program name.
Each program includes 5 phases which are Temp cut-down, conservation, pre-proving, proving and sleeper.
In each phase are monitored  Humidity and Temp, according to a settable hysteresis, and the ventilators speed.
The Temp ramp  function allows a gradual increase of the chamber Temp.
Actual Temp and relative humidity are displayed also graphically.
Each of the 5 phases can be interrupted manually or started manually including defrosting.
A baking program can start automatically at the set time according to a weekly scheduler. 
RPC-TP  has on board an Internet connection for the chamber remote control  through PC, tablet or smartphone.
RPC-TP  has on board also a USB communication port for data (programs and parameters) back-up and restore.
The user’s interface is  a  7”  touch colour display to enhance usability. Each piece of information is clear and commands are given with a simple touch of the screen. 

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