Emergency lift alarm systems

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    VODAECO 18
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    VODAECO 18 Q

Autodialers for remote alarms

VODAECO 18 is an autodialer aimed at the safety of people trapped inside lifts. It manages emergency calls activated by pressing the alarm button in the lift cabin, ensuring bi-directional communication between aid applicants and rescue service.
It communicates with digital telephone exchanges, analogical devices and equipments connected to the GSM network.
Three models available  to satisfy every possible system need: for cabin roof, COP,  and engine room,.
The installation is quick: the VODAECO 18 comes complete with pre-wired accessories.
The use is simple: the address book and the usage options are configured in few programming steps.
VODAECO 18 has constant performances over time and does not require maintenance.
The construction quality of the device guarantees a long service life.

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