STM Products is an Italian company established in Verona that has been designing and producing industrial electronics since 1983, overseeing internally every strategic phase: research, design, software, hardware and mechanical development, both according to customers' specifications and standard, and the mass production.

All the activities are driven by 4 fundamental values:

  • Quality and value in business actiivties
  • Constant product and process innovation 
  • Well-being of the people
  • Social consciousness and responsibility.

All processes are performed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. 

The most important lines of marketed finished products are: 

  • Electronic water doser-mixers for the baking industry. 
  • Electronic semi-continuous water chillers for the baking industry. 
  • Electronically controlled water treatment systems. 
  • Electronic controls for rotor, deck and convection ovens. 
  • Electronic controls for spiral mixers. 
  • Electronic controls for climate cabinets. 
  • Electronic devices for emergency calls in elevators. 
  • Electronic supervisors and controls for railway systems. 
  • Electronic ultrasound devices to avoid interactin between dolphins and the fishing nets. 
  • Developement and automatic verification tools for embedded software. 

Actually more than 50% of STM production is exported to more than 60 countries all around the world.

STM participates to the main international fairs of each sector.



This photo was taken one of the first days of April 2012.
We were, starting from the left of the upper line, Pietro, Antonio, Luca, Federico, Fabio, Alessio, Marco, Diego and Enrico.
Then Antonio, Goran, Luigi, Giovanni, Marco, Alessandro, Andrea, Martin, Massimo, Ettore, Alessandro, Stefano, Luca and Francesco.
Then Morena, Marzia, Valentina, Cristina, Luca, Sandro, Sabrina, Federico and Nicola.
Then Stefano, Giulio, Andrea, Diego, Matteo and Matteo.
That day Ambrogio, Andrea, Benedetta, Marilena, Sonia and Stefano were busy somewhere else.