Electronic controllers for bakery and pastry

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A complete range of models for every need

DEOC is a family of multi-deck electric oven controllers. The various models  perfectly meet the pastry making and bakeries  requirements.
A number of 99 baking programs can be stored and recalled by the user.
Each program monitors pre-heating  and up to 3 baking phases. For each phase can be specified Temp, baking time, steam injection time and the damper opening time. 
Chamber Temp  is regulated by activating the oven chamber plate, front and ceiling  resistances.
DEOC can be scheduled for 7 days.  For each day of the week can be set a switch-on time of a baking program.
A simplified baking cycle can be activated manually where the steam generation is controlled manually under the supervision of the operator.
The user’s interface foresees a number of displays  of   13mm and of 10mm and 16 to visualize  Temp, baking time, steam injection time, damper opening time, Program No. and ongoing phase.
A number of 16 function buttons are present to ease the use of the controller.
The operator panel is in  polycarbonate  supported by an aluminium plate.
A version of the DEOC family has a touch capacitive screen where the user’s interface is made in Plexiglas or glass.
Interface panel graphics and dimensions can be personalized according to customer’s specs.

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