Electronic controllers for bakery and pastry


Basic functions controller

ROC-E  is a very simple and economic  electronic controller for rotary ovens normally employed in pastry shops or bakeries.
It monitors the chamber baking temperature, baking time and the automatic steam injection at the beginning of the cycle.
During baking, steam can be injected manually for a given time. At the end of the cycle the aspirator can be activated. 
It is foreseen to activate also an extra baking Time.
The  user’s interface is made of 3 displays  of  13mm to visualize baking Temp, baking Time and steam injection time.   
A number of eight  function buttons are present to ease the use of the controller.
The operator panel is in  polycarbonate  supported by an aluminium plate. 
Interface panel graphics and dimensions can be personalized according to customer’s specs

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