SENSATIC: electronics for bakery
For over 30 years we have been working closely with our customers thus making us experts in all bread production processes.
Bakery machines require control systems capable of responding to the needs of demanding users and to different production process sizes, from the artisan shop to the big industrial companies.
The combination of sensors measuring environmental data and the automatic heart regulating each specific process, inspired SENSATIC, the brand STM dedicated to its electronic controllers  .  

Complete product range
The range includes controllers for rotary, deck and convection ovens, provers, retarder provers, blast chillers, freezers, spiral and planetary mixers. For each type of machine, the right controller, from the top class to the economic one. 
Many lines of controllers with different technologies for the operator panels.
 • The Touch Panel line, with color display and touch screen,
 • The Glass line, with touch keyboards,
 • The Poly line, with polycarbonate keyboards

Advanced features
Back-up and restore data (recipes and parameters) using USB drives, connections to local area networks or to the Internet, automatic software updates, are features available in the SENSATIC controllers lines.

STM customizes front panels on request, develops and produces controllers according to customer specifications. 
Specific skills, traditional and innovative technologies, ability to meet any requirement: our keys to help companies which invest in electronic technology.  

The technological innovation is the basis of SENSATIC controllers. The STM’s R&D department is constantly focused on improving the user experience and the quality of controls: from manual systems to sophisticated multi-phase automatic controllers.

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