Climatic cabinets

Controls for provers, retarder proofers, blast chilling


Electronic controller for proving chambers

CPC-3D is an electronic controller for cabinets, for retarder provers and conveyor belt proving chambers.
CPC-3D monitors the cabinet humidity and temperature.
Humidity and temperature are controlled either on the basis of a  settable hysteresis or according to previously set values. 
CPC-3D has a timer on board for displaying the proving time.
CPC-3D IC  is the version supervising  proving chambers equipped with a conveyor belt . The controller regulates the speed of the conveyor belt and on the basis of the set speed the proving time is calculated.
User’s interface consists in 3 displays , each one with 3 digits of   13mm, to visualize the temp, humidity and time values. Seven function buttons are present to ease  the  use of the controller.
The operator panel is in  polycarbonate supported by an aluminium plate or in thermoformed plastic.
Interface panel graphics and dimensions can be personalized according to customer’s requirements.

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