Total Performance & Hygiene

The STM professional chillers are designed for artisan or medium sized production bakeries; a wide range of models is available, in order to meet different needs: the STM professional chillers refrigerate from 80 L /H up to 450 L/H.

The tanks' capacities very from 35 to 75 L; their size has to be chosen to contain the water needed for the single maximum delivery for one mixer (or more mixers simultaneously, depending on the production system). 

Thanks to the plate heat exchanger, the water in the tank is cooled very quickly in the interval between one delivery and the following. 

The whole series is equipped with an electronic controller which supervises all the functions and manages the programs of both the washing and the daily self switch-on.

The chillers serve a water Doser with a remote pump control.

The standard series works with R404A gas, in ambient temperatures up to 38°C while the TRopicalized series uses the R134a gas up to 55°C. 

The professional chillers are designed as floor structures, with wheels to be easily positioned or moved. 

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