Water is a precious asset, weaker on our planet: aware of this in STM we have always invested resources to optimize its use.

STM offers its entire bakery experience in the bakery sector offering a full range of technological and intuitive equipment, which combines tradition and new baking techniques.

STM DOMIX and STM WATER CHILLERS are nowadays indispensable to standardize and optimize the quality of doughs in both industrial and artisanal bakeries, allowing careful and continuous control of quantities and temperatures.


- allow to have the desired amount of water (batch) at a constant temperature down to 2 °C throughout the delivery and all day long thus ensuring the quality and repeatability of the final product.

- make it possible to avoid or strongly reduce the use of ice which may compromise the quality of the finished product by mechanically modifying gluten and affect the kneader.


- keep the temperature constant throughout the dosage, avoiding the deterioration of the yeast present in the dough. This can happen in case of thermal shocks, typical of manual dosages or with improper devices.

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