The most reliable water doser-mixers

  • 55 Line
    DOMIX 55
  • 55 Line
    DOMIX 55A
  • 55 Line
    DOMIX 65
  • 55 Line
    DOMIX 65A

(out of production, replaced by the DOMIX 60 line)

The DOMIX 55 is the STM best in class: it's equipped with a motorized mixing valve that ensures the selected temperature is reached in 4-5 seconds in the worst conditions.

The DOMIX 55 is a water doser-mixer able to manage in a completely automatic mode the processes of dosing, mixing and discarding the water not in temperature. 

It is particularly suitable for industrial technologically advanced environments, with a high process automation and requiring the maximum precision in regulating and maintening the water temperature. 

The error margins are lower than 1% on the dosing and 0.5 °C on the temperature.

The user controls the device through an alphanumeric membrane keyboard and an LCD display, and disposes of memory for 99 recipes, including 49 double ones and one for the sole mixing function with no control over the water amount.

Thanks to the external probe with spiral extendable cable, the temperature of the ambient, or of the flour, or of the dough  it's shown on the display.

The DOMIX 55 is equipped with 1/2" inlets while the DOMIX 65 with 3/4" ones, allowing a higher flow rate.

The "A" models (DOMIX 55A, DOMIX 65A) foresee an automatic management of 3 water inputs (hot, network and refrigerated).

It's possible to remotely control the DOMIX via the serial interface or through a replica of its user interface.

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