The most reliable water doser-mixers

  • 45 Line
    DOMIX 45
  • 45 Line
    DOMIX 45A
  • 45 Line
    DOX 45

The classic model, a complete option

The DOMIX 45A is an electronic water doser mixer with thermostatic regulation of the temperature, with the hydraulic part fully integrated and with memory for 80 recipes. 

The temperature is adjusted by means of the knob that controls a thermostatic mixing valve. This is able to maintain the set temperature even in case of variations of the inlets temperatures and pressures. 

The presence of the by-pass allows to discard the water out of the acceptable temperature range, thus allowing an accurate control of the water that ends up in the dough. 

The by-pass management is manual in the DOMIX 45 and automatic through a solenoid valve in the DOMIX 45A.

It's the most common STM water meter and is suitable both for artisan and industrial environments; it allows to optimize the dosing process of water in the dough, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of quantity and temperature, with an error tolerance lower than ± 1% on dosing and ± 1°C on temperature.

Due to its robust integrated structure and compact dimensions, the DOMIX 45 can be easily installed in any room, even of small size.

Thanks to the external probe with spiral extendable cable, the temperature of the ambient, or of the flour, or of the dough  it's shown on the display.

The DOMIX can be controlled remotely via serial interface or remote commands.

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