The most reliable water doser-mixers

Simple and robust

The DOMIX 35 is an electronic water doser mixer with thermostatic regulation of the temperature and with the hydraulic part fully integrated. 

The temperature is adjusted by means of the knob that controls a thermostatic mixing valve. This is able to maintain the set temperature even in case of variations of the inlets temperatures and pressures.                            

The last settings are always kept in memory.

Suitable for artisan bakeries, the DOMIX 35 optimizes the water dosing process, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of quantity and temperature with an error tolerance lower than ± 1% on the dose and ± 1 °C on the temperature.

Due to its robust integrated structure and compact dimensions it's easy to install it in any room, even of small size.    

The DOMIX can be controlled also via the remote commands.


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