The most reliable water doser-mixers

  • 125 Line
    DOX 125
  • 125 Line
    DOX 125M

For high flows, with simplicity

The DOX 125M is an electronic high flow water doser-mixer with external hydraulics and thermostatically controlled; the temperature is to be set with a knob on the thermostatic mixing valve: this keeps the set temperature even in case of changes in the inlet temperatures and pressures.

The last settings are always kept in memory.

Suitable for industrial bakeries, the DOX 125M optimizes the process of dosing big quantities of water, ensuring accuracy and repeatability of quantity and temperature with error margins lower than 1% on the dosing and 1,5°C on the temperature.

The model DOX 125 offers only the dosing function, without the temperature control.

The DOX can be controlled remotely via serial interface or remote commands.

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