Total Performance & Hygiene

The STM water chillers provide the desired amount of water (batch) at down to 2 °C temperature, constant during the water delivery and all day long, thus ensuring quality and repeatability of the final product.
The use of the STM water chillers in the bakery industry, in artisan and industrial establishments, prevents or severely restricts the use of ice, which can undermine the quality of the final product by mechanically changing the gluten.
The STM chillers are based on the optimized batch principle:
they refrigerate just the amount of water needed for the single maximum delivery (and not for the entire production cycle), eliminating long and useless thermostating and stationing of the water in the tank, in doing so also avoiding the proliferation of bacterial deposits. This type of operation is possible due to the highly efficient refrigeration system, realized through a stainless steel plate heat exchanger and a high flow pump.
Oriented to a total hygiene, it is also the automatic washing system which removes all traces of bacterial and lime scale in the tank and in the hydraulic circuit.
A user-friendly electronic controller offers the possibility to program the daily self-switch on for the week, with a considerable energy saving.
All the components in contact with the water are compliant with the drinking water applicable regulations.
STM uses only hermetic compressors and safety systems, redundant even with respect to the requirements by 97/23/EEC - PED.

They were awarded with the Innovations Trophée - Category Hygiene in Europain 2005.

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